Monday, August 29, 2011

A Part of Love

A voice,
indistinct over the phone.
A calm,
flooding warmth through you.
A giggle,
bursting from you.
is only a part of love.

The Stage

You step from behind the curtain,
makeup and costume obscuring your identity.
The lights shine in your eyes,
you cannot see the audience.

Practices were frequent.
A lot had been changed last time.
You take a breath and say your lines,
and then you are yourself no longer.

As sound comes from you,
you become the character.
The stage is not simply a stage,
but your school, your home, your world.

Then suddenly,
the lines stop.
The scene has ended.
Your part is done.

The music plays
and you depart,
yet as you step off the stage
you know,
that you
cannot come back.

Each time is slightly different.
Each time there is something different wrong,
but each time
the stage is only the world.

Fairy Tales Cannot Be Trusted

Once upon a time there was a beutiful young woman who fell in love with a prince. So deeply did she love him that she refused to consider marrying another man. One day the prince married the princess of a neighboring kingdom, but still the young woman would not entertain the thought of loving someone else. She died poor, old, and alone. The prince never knew and if he had he wouldn't have cared.


(Because Fairy Tales can be wrong.)