Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giving Thanks and Christmas Cheer

     Thanksgiving is usually spent at my grandmother's house (Dad's side) and this year was the same. There I saw one of my favorite cousins. We spent most of the time talking about Girl Genius and teaching the younger ones about being minions. When I got home I made a list of what I am thankful for this year. These are, of course, not in order of importance.
  1. Grandparents
  2. Cousins (even the little ones)
  3. Uncles
  4. Aunts
  5. My Sister
  6. My Brothers
  7. Mom
  8. Dad
  9. Deviled Eggs
  10. Green Beans
  11. Carbonated Sugar Water
  12. Girl Genius
  13. Books
  14. My Boyfriend
  15. My Friends
  16. The Felines
  17. Snow
  18. Warmth
  19. Meat
  20. Chocolate Cake
  21. Chocolate Pie
    Black Friday the older of my two brothers came to help us with the tree. We erected it without any difficulty and set about decorating it. As always the angels were placed near the top. On the very top was placed the star. Our brother did that part. We arranged the nativity scene at the base and turned on the little lights. It was beautiful.
     After the tree was done we sat and watched the first half of The Hogfather. After that I took a nap for about ten minutes. I woke up and slid out from under my covers. I was just in time to greet my other brother as he came through the door. After that we watched Fifth Element and Sixth Sense. The younger brother left just before the scary parts started. When the older one left as well I talked with my parents then went to bed. The next day I wrapped Christmas presents. All in all, it has been a busy week, and there is still more to come.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not For Children Under 3 Years

     At my work, the boss found some gun locks in her closet. She gave them to any employee who wanted them. I took one home with me. I spent that Friday locking and unlocking it. Today (Saturday) I decided to put it around my neck. Now that I think of it, I did feel a little befuddled when the key didn't come out. I went and let the felines in, then returned to my room followed by Mother Gothel (one of our two cats). I went to the mirror to remove the lock. It would not come off. The key wouldn't even turn. I decided to get help from a (most probably) experienced individual, my father.
     I found him in his study, eyes closed, head back. I decided to start on a more calm subject. "Who was on the phone?"
     "Your mother."
     "Is she okay?"
     "Yeah. We didn't win any games."
     "Daddy? I need help."
     At this point, my father opened his eyes and looked at me. He started laughing.
     "Come here." He managed to say through his chortles. I pulled up a chair. He pulled out his cell phone.
     "Are you going to text mom?" I nervously asked.
     "Better." He laughed. I began to feel that this would not turn out well. He phoned her instead. He merely told her the I had gotten into a dilemma, then held out the phone to me. I was not about to explain this to my own mother, so I did the only thing I could think of to avoid the inevitable.
     "NO! NO! NO! NO!" I screeched. Thankfully my mastermind plan worked like a charm, and Dad explained it to mom himself. He then hung up and went to fetch something across the room. As he returned I saw that he had his big pocket knife. He flipped it to the pliers. I held as still as possible as he tugged at the flexible steel chain. Suddenly he stopped and slapped the plastic tub beside him three times with such force that I thought it would break. He was laughing. Eventually he got the key out, inserted the other, and freed me from my own imprisonment. He mentioned that my mother said to call her father and see how her side of the family would deal with such things. I fled to my room.
     Looking at the lock now, it strikes me funny. Why? The lock reads, "PROJECT CHILDSAFE,". Perhaps it keeps children safe from guns, but not safe from their own creative genius.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Boy Friend

     When it comes to love, everyone wants to put in their two cents worth. I don't care what they say. I know how love feels. They can try forever, but it is impossible to sum it up in mere words. To know love, is the only way to understand it. My acquaintances believe that they have found the one, then change their minds after two weeks. I might be their age, but I think differently. 
     September 9, 2009, The boy I had been thinking about asked me out. I accepted. It has been 1 year, 1 month, and 25 days. We have been together without a breakup or serious argument. My crazy friend said that my boyfriend and I are, "Ment to last." There is nothing that can describe how I feel about him.I love him. It is that simple, but at the same time complicated. He drives me up the wall, he makes me laugh when I want to cry, and care about me. There is no way that I could ever give him up. If I had to choose a song that comes close to describing how I feel it would be World Before Columbus  by Suzanna Vega. There is no limit to my love for him.

The Danger of Gel Pens

     When I was little, my sister had several gel pens. She loved them. I liked them too. They came in all kinds of colors and several had glitter in them. The only problem was that my sister would not share. She seemed to think that I would use them all up. I really wanted gel pens. It was such that I stole one.
     I was running through the house with the pen, when I fell into the printer. My hand hit the printer and the pen hit my face. It broke the skin between my nose and left eye. I had the presence of mind, however, to hide the pen beneath my mother's printer. After I had slid it under, I ran to my room (which was only a few feet away). I cried, loudly. My mom rushed to my room. When she was able to get a look at me, there was blood all over. It was on my sheets, my hands, and of course my face. She washed me up, and saw where I was bleeding from. My parents had a bit of trouble putting together the pieces, until I retrieved the gel pen of doom.