Sunday, November 6, 2011

And This is Good for Me?

We had vaccinations at work. A needle slid into my upper left arm and out fairly quickly, I didn't panic like many coworkers said they would have either (I'm not really afraid of needles), but I don't think it went very well. I am in pain. It feels like someone gave me a good whack with a hammer. A simple touch is more than similar to being slapped on a big bad bruise. I don't have a bruise, but my nerves must think I do. Pain really makes you think about things and come up with some good questions, including:

How can something be good for me if it hurts? That makes as much sense as a lobotomy.

Why the upper left arm?

I never knew how much my upper left arm comes into contact with objects.

Shouldn't I be able to feel less pain each year with these shots? Muscles build throughout time and repair themselves. Logically I shouldn't be able to feel shots anymore.

Will things ever STOP touching my arm?!?!

I really notice pain when it's things like shots, but I don't feel much after the numbing stuff, that is injected into me before the dermatologist removes some of my flesh, wears off. Weird.