Sunday, October 14, 2012


This is part true and part fictionalized and it's not very well written, just so you know.

October could smell the heat and the food, behind those white doors. Cautiously, he ascended the stairs, his full coat of fur soaking up the sun's heat. There were no sounds coming through the door, so he curled up in front of it to soak up the heat that leaked out. He heard another door open and shut then open and shut again. Silently, he pressed against his door and tried to be invisible. Footsteps rhythmically approached along the sidewalk, then stopped. October looked at the human.

"Hello." She had a green jacket, white shoes, and jeans.

October stood up, stretched, and started to descend the stairs. To his dismay, she started to climb the steps and stretch her arm towards him. He glanced towards the bush beside the church steps and took a defensive stance.

She stepped back down on the concrete, "Oh. Okay. I'll leave you alone. It's alright."

October walked down the steps towards her and stopped at her feet. Tentatively, she reached out and touched him. Something in October sparked. A memory. Curling up on a little girl's bed and being petted. His mother washing his tabby fur. He pushed into this human's touch and purred. It felt so nice. Her fingers touched the scar on his ear, and it didn't hurt. When was the last time he had been stroked by a human? He rubbed against the back of her legs. Warm and safe. How he'd missed being a human's cat.

Before he knew it, the human was apologizing for having to leave and walking away. He stared after her longingly. A few feet away, she stopped and turned around, "bye." She smiled fondly at him and left. He stayed there and watched her leave in her box on wheels. One day, he knew he'd travel in one to live in a large box with people, just as he had when he was a kitten. He wouldn't forget this female that had reminded him of the warm touch and love of humanity.

I met October today after church. I don't actually know if he was a boy or if he'd ever had a sound given to him, but he has one now. October. He was so friendly, and I hadn't expected it. I hope he does have a home, but even if he doesn't, God will care for him as he does all things.


Thank you for letting me meet you. I'm blessed to be able to have spent time with you. You will be warm and safe in my heart. There will always be people willing to hurt you, but never forget that there are also those who will take you in and love you. Good-bye, sweet cat. I won't forget you.