Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Danger of Gel Pens

     When I was little, my sister had several gel pens. She loved them. I liked them too. They came in all kinds of colors and several had glitter in them. The only problem was that my sister would not share. She seemed to think that I would use them all up. I really wanted gel pens. It was such that I stole one.
     I was running through the house with the pen, when I fell into the printer. My hand hit the printer and the pen hit my face. It broke the skin between my nose and left eye. I had the presence of mind, however, to hide the pen beneath my mother's printer. After I had slid it under, I ran to my room (which was only a few feet away). I cried, loudly. My mom rushed to my room. When she was able to get a look at me, there was blood all over. It was on my sheets, my hands, and of course my face. She washed me up, and saw where I was bleeding from. My parents had a bit of trouble putting together the pieces, until I retrieved the gel pen of doom.

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