Sunday, May 6, 2012

Music, Lots of Links, and a Short Rant on Christianity

Alright. I was going from video to video on youtube, as most of us do, and I nearly squealed when I came across this, a cover song by Owl City of  In Christ Alone. Please understand that I have loved Owl City for some time. I drove my sister crazy with it. My favorite songs are the ones where Christianity is very pronounced, like Tidal Wave, Galaxies, and Angels. After watching the video I googled it to see if there was an album. Then I came across this. At that point I was fairly disappointed that I hadn't discovered that Owl City had done this song before, as I follow the blog.

In truth I came across Owl City's song when watching  the official video for Listen to the Sound by Building 429. My musical library has expanded as of late. Largely I can blame my sister. She's trying her hardest to help me strengthen in Christ. I love her so very much for that. I also admire the bond that she has with our Lord. Many may say that they follow and they believe, but you shouldn't have to ask if someone is a Christian anymore than you should have to ask if what you're looking at is a lizard or a snake. Christians need to stand out. Not only that, but we need to reach out too. Reaching out is the most important thing we are supposed to be doing, but, as one of my friends has often said, "You don't shout out to a drowning man to swim to shore. You go out there and save him."

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