Monday, February 18, 2013

An Update On Your Blogger

Hello. I haven't really given you a proper blog post for a while. You can blame Pinterest. It is the ultimate procrastination tool, even when one does not intend for it to be. I really need to write more.

My sister recently put Red's album Release the Panic on my MP3 player, so occasionally as I write this I'm mouthing the words and dancing a little. Don't laugh at me, you do it with your music sometimes too.

This last week, I have been slightly ill. It's just a lot of snot, so I went ahead and suffered through work. A lot of tissues have been sacrificed, but I am breathing through my nose more often and actually sleeping through the night now. It helps to have kitties to cuddle, but not so much so when their fur gets up my nose.

Soo... It really looks like I'm not giving you a proper post today either. I'm sorry. I'll try to work on a short story, poem, or letter for you guys.

Post Script: Who would google "ode to celery"? I just noticed that that has happened a few times, but I guess I really shouldn't find that so odd, considering that I wrote one.

Have a good week!

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