Friday, May 17, 2013

Letter to Fitted Sheets

Dear F. S.,

While I admit that you do seem difficult to manage at first, you truly are a friend.

I pulled you from your temporary home and fluffed you out. What pains had gone into folding you? Instead of landing on my mattress like planned, you settled on my head. I burst into laughter. Was it the weather or the general good day? No. No such dry and logical grownup reason as that. You'd tickled my childhood, memories of pillow and blanket forts, of making a cave from blankets on the bed by use of the fan, of secret B.A.C. meetings with my sister, though I have by now forgotten what B.A.C. stood for.

I just wanted to thank you for that cool wave of joy that flooded through me when you touched the crown of my head. While you were not specifically in my childhood, you called my attention back to those happy summer days. Thank you.

Your friend and ally,

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