Monday, September 22, 2014


Herot saw Grendel
come to feast on man flesh in joy.
Beowulf said no.

A terrible fight
and Beowulf is victor.
Bad dude lost his arm.

Grendel’s mom was mad.
Then our hero killed her too.
Beowulf. So cool.

He went home and ruled
for fifty years in glory.
Fate ruined it all.

Dragon went raging
through peaceful Geat countryside.
Beowulf said no.

Though now old, he fought.
The dragon wounded the king.
Oh, that had to hurt.

Men were cowards, but
young Wiglaf ran to help him.
Young fool or hero?

The dragon got killed.
There was lots of gold to loot.
Beowulf. He dead.

Funeral is sad.
Dudes are shamed, got no fame.
Wiglaf is the man.

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