Thursday, September 30, 2010


     Think about your family. You probably think of your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, ect. You might also think of your closest friends. Those who treat you as family, who stop by unexpectedly, or panic because they forgot your birthday. Well, this entry is dedicated to both parts of my family.
     My mother is the first person I have memories of. I remember going to sleep in my crib and looking through the bars. I saw my mommy curled up on the floor. She was close. It comforted me. She has done so much that I am thankful for. She has feed and clothed me. It didn't matter if I fed the cat corn on the cob. She still did everything she could to raise a human being  and not an abomination. She barely pulled through. I love her anyway.
     My father is one of my favorite crazy people. I remember wearing his shoes around the house and trying to do things like him. It was very often in that case that he got me to pick up sticks in the yard. I ran to hug him when he came home for work. I would follow him around the yard. A few times I exercised with him. Once I beat him in running. Now I do yoga with him when I can. Our favorite pose? Corpse pose a.k.a. nap pose.
     My sister was my idle as a small one. My favorite color was pink, because it was hers. I followed her everywhere. We played dolls together everyday. We went every where together. I even went to a sleepover with her to one of her friend's houses. After a time she grew up. Hugs were/are off limits. If I enter her room I am dead, unless I have permission. I love her anyway. Because of this, I win. Ha!
     The eldest of my siblings is one of my brothers. He is off at college. I don't quite remember how we met, but I think it was through my sister. He was her friend first, as she has told me. My brother is one of the most awesome people I know. I have come up with several nicknames for him, but they don't seem quite right. They are all awesome, but not awesome enough. My eldest brother is a writer and is very good at it. I've never read any of his work, but I'm positive that it is very good. When I talk about him  or my other brother my classmates say that they didn't know that I had brothers. Let me explain. They are my honorary brothers. The friend kind of family.
     My other brother, who is between the one I just talked about and my sister, is absolutely crazy. That is why he's my family. I remember that I was writing out plans for world domination and he wanted to read them. After that we became partners in world domination. If I were to tell you our plans, you would have to have been already recruited or be killed in an "accident".
     That is my closest family. There is more of course, but I would end up writing all night and the entry would be thousands of pages long. That is my entry for today. THE END!!! =)


  1. What a fun read! I enjoyed this take on your indeed wonderful family!

  2. Thank you for the complementary words, Sis! :)