Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

     As a small human specimen I (like most) lost my baby teeth. At one point I practicably lost one every three or four days. My father called me Sharky and my mother had decided to teach me how to summon the Tooth Fairy. I was to turn around five times widershins (counter clockwise) and cry out," Tooth Fairy! Tooth Fairy! Hear me now! Bring me a dollar and not a cow!" One night I lost another tooth. It was late and my mother had long since gone to bed, so I put the tooth on my bed stand and went to sleep.
     The next morning the tooth was still there. I told my mother as soon as I was awake. I fell asleep that night confident that my mother would sort things out with the tooth fairy. I awoke and found my tooth was gone. In its place was a cow figurine. I was overjoyed! I had seen some like it in a store and knew that it was worth at least three dollars. Happily I raced down stairs and showed my new cow to my family. My sister gave me a funny look. She is prone to that sort of thing. I don't quite remember what my father did, but my mother seemed confused. She suggested that I might have done better to tell the Tooth Fairy that I wanted a dollar. I insisted otherwise. I loved my new cow. Eventually we struck a bargain. My mother would give me a dollar and we would share the cow. I have no idea why I gave in, but perhaps it was for the best. I may have broken my poor cow at my young age. I do wish I knew where she went. I believe that she is trapped in a box somewhere. Since I do not remember her name, it is now officially Gene.


  1. I had forgotten Kara is your pseudonym -- I love this story!

  2. You are a wonderful, ridiculous child, and I love you very much.

    Nice writing, my dear. You do know how to spin a tale.