Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On the Barbie Doll

     As a small child I would sit and play with my dolls. Most people who abuse or abused their barbies, set them on fire, put rockets in them, drop them from great heights, and do other things to the dolls. My sister and I were not so physically violent. Instead of doing any of the above things, we would play out stories that simply did not end well for Barbie, Ken, Kelly, or any of the others. This blog entry chronicles some of our more interesting games with Barbie and other toys, in chronological order.
     "Let's burn Baby at the stake!!!" The villainous dolls shouted. I had wrapped a orange shawl around the base of my fan and tied Baby to the pole with a few twisty ties.
     "Not my baby!!!" Barbie cried out frantically. She then fainted and fell to the carpeted floor with a stiff thud.
     "I will save her!" Ken cried. He grabbed the cord and swung in to save Baby. He instead hit the pole and fell unconscious into the "flame".

     The next is not so much a story as a set that my sister and I made in our later years. You see our kellies played a game called Pirates and Indians. The girls were Indians and the boys were the pirates. We had four boys and about fifteen girls. We decided to create what we call The Cannibalistic Kelly Village. It had several mini pictures. We had a girl stiring a "pot" of "soup" in which we had placed a little boy who looked like he was screaming. There was a "spit" over a "fire" that a little girl was turning. Tied to it was a boy. It took some time to tie him on just right. We had a boy in a cage, a look out tower, a chieftain eating a bone, a tent with a skull on top, and a polar bear. This was mainly constructed with pickup sticks, twisty ties, and kellies.

     One day I was playing with my teen dolls and I spied my dart board. I then went and positioned some "dead" dolls around the base and used the darts to hold up the teenagers as if they had been impaled. My mother laughed, my father sighed, and my sister wanted to help.

     That is nearly all. My sister and I, through out our history of dolls have always had the headless kens. We do use them too. Every good bad guy has to have a hoard of zombies after all.

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