Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little Red

     Okay, this is a dream I have had recently. I was asleep with it, until my alarm went off. I just want to make sure that you understand I did not consciously make this up.

     A little girl stood in a field of flowers with her grandmother. Her hair was in two short braids on either side of her head and she wore a cloak. If I had to guess I would say she was in second grade. The girl and grandmother were picking flowers, when they decided to go to the grandmother's house. The grandmother went ahead to clean up the house before the girl got there.
     The house was enchanting. It was a simple little house, in a clearing. The path to the house was arched over by trees, so that the sun would come through the leaves in a light green. Beautiful as the house was, a wolf was waiting for Granny. Before she reached the door, it leaped from around the house. Granny in shock, pulled out a gun and shot it in the shoulder. It pulled back and circled, growling. It jumped for her again and she shot it again.The wolf fell onto a bed of moss between two trees, with the sun shining upon him. Perhaps my subconscious felt guilty for killing it. I guess I'll never know.
     Little Red skipped down the path swinging her basket as she entered the clearing. Granny kept seeing red, so she shouted for the little girl to run. The little girl ran. Granny was suddenly a wolf with a red hood. She gave chase howling as she did. More wolves came and followed her.
     They were running through a field, when they came to a part that was flooded. Little Red jumped onto an ice floe and drifted across. The granny/wolf jumped in to follow, but couldn't swim, so it climbed back on shore. Thus ended act one of my dream.
     In this part, I am sure there was dialogue, but I do not remember the exact words. This being the case I'll try to do my best at letting you know what they were essentially saying.

     The wolves were gathered around Granny's house. The wolf/grandmother (who I shall refer to as W.G.) was pacing a tree limb above the house. The other wolves were on the ground. W.G. was explaining to them about expanding territory. The limb it was on had two oranges on it. Suddenly W.G. leaped to another one that had three, scattering the wolves beneath it. The three oranges fell to the ground. Then it leaped to another limb between the first two. Again the wolves beneath it scattered and again the oranges, all fifth-teen, fell to the forest floor. Then, understanding this concept, the wolves melted into the dark forest.

     That was my dream. I had it Monday night. Then my alarm went off, but at least I don't have a cliff hanger!

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