Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm Listening

There are two kinds of people. Type A tends to be quiet and intelligent. Type B is pretty much everyone else. Type B people are human. They know that they can't hold all of their emotions and thoughts inside. In order to release the stuff inside their heads they talk to type A. Type A's job is to listen to type B's ranting. Type B will talk about anything. It it is on their mind they must get it out. They can talk to other type B's, but type B's know that sometimes they can't always trust their own. Type A doesn't talk about what the type B's say to them. They lock it away and forget about it until the B that told it to them talks to them again. That way they have a simple understanding of that B.
There is sadly a difficulty with the system. That being that type A's hold up the B's thoughts and concerns as well as their own. This is, in simple words, dangerous. The A's are so used to not speaking of the B's thoughts that they don't vent their thoughts. The thoughts and emotions build up at an alarming rate, because they harbor the B's as well. Once the A has reached it's limit there is usually a depressive swoop, if not a complete mental break down.
Type A's seem to be normal people. Sometimes they even seem to be the weakest of the humans. this is wrong. They are the strongest of us. The ones that carry our burdens, hopes, fears, and dreams. Sometimes we don't even realize that they are there, but they watch out for us and protect us from ourselves.

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