Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Letter to Comics

Dear Comics,

Do you recall when I would anticipate visiting my grandparents, just so that I could dig you out of the newspaper and curl up on the couch? I haven't forgotten. Stories told in pictures. Laughter brought to light on page. Maybe you were one simple box. Maybe you were several. I grew up borrowing my dad's books of Calvin and Hobbs, completely relating to the ones about the monster's under Calvin's bed and Hobbs's surprise attacks. Insta-Purr does that in the dark when you can't see him, other than his green eyes and white teeth that is.

Hello graphic novels. Which one of you was my first? I think the first I read was my father's Mouse Guard books. I now have nineteen of my own. It's not many, but it's enough for now. I remember sitting before the bookshelves at Borders, shifting through the new ones I hadn't seen before. I will always miss curling up with you there.

At this point I must address webcomics. There are nineteen of you guys currently bookmarked on my computer. Nineteen seems to be my number when it comes to comics, doesn't it? Girl Genius, you get most of the blame for this. If it wasn't for you I would have probably been a little less enthusiastic. Thank you and curse you. I now have a slight addiction.

I cannot write to/about comics without mentioning comic books. Comic books, I'm sorry. I don't have any experience with you, no past to draw happy memories from. Perhaps one day, we will have spent some time together in a nice quiet spot. Until then, I will regret not knowing you.

To all comics, I give a warm thanks. I would have a lot more free time with nothing to do, if I lived in a world without you. Less to read and draw.

Your Friend,

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