Monday, July 9, 2012

Babies, Kittens, and Love

You probably recall my kitten Lil-Bit, a sweet little calico that I was able to adopt along with her living shadow with teeth of a brother. However, Insta-Purr is my sister's. I don't have to take the blame when he wakes people up in the mornings. He does. We used to let Lil-Bit and Insta-Purr sleep upstairs, until Insta-Purr started hitting the doors at night. There was once when he actually opened my door by throwing himself against it repeatedly because my door didn't latch that night. I would throw him in my sister's room or in the basement. The kittens sleep in the basement at night now, and now I can sleep at night. The little monster has something against letting me sleep; I'm sure of it.

I appear to have run off course. Lil-Bit has become an important part of my family. She will curl up with me to take a nap. All I have to do is pick her up and take her to wherever I have decided to lie down. I feed her before bed and she sleeps on my floor when she feels like it. Normally the floor is just fine, but recently she will jump on my lap and from there to my desk. She only does this when my computer is on though. When she was a little fuzz ball, she would walk all over the laptops of my mother and sister. She was quite talented at it too. It was within her grasp to pull up windows media player without even looking at the keys.

A few of the blogs I read are posted by mothers. They talk about the challenges, but mostly about the love they have for their children. In my eyes it's not that different than having a kitten. This in mind, I have complied some similarities and differences of kittens and children.

1.You change the diapers/litter box.

2.You feed them.

3.When Christmas comes, the breakable ornaments are moved to the top of the tree.

4.Valuables are moved out of their reach.

5.If they cry you feel bad for them.

6.They chew on things they shouldn't chew on.

7.They are adorable.

8.People will come if you ask them to see your baby/kitten.

9.They enjoy being out in nice weather.

10.Both can be frustrating.

11.Babies/Kittens are interesting to small children.

12.They look like perfect angels in their sleep.

See? They really are quite similar. No doubt I forgot some likenesses though. The following is a list of their differences.

1.Kittens are fluffy.

2.Litter box training is easier. Cats already have the instinct to bury their waste.

3.When babies get scared they cry. When kittens get scared they fluff their fur out and are adorable.

4.Kittens can climb the Christmas tree, so rearranging the ornaments doesn't help.

5.Kittens are born with sharp claws. These cause pain.

6.On average, cats are less expensive than babies.

They're similar and different, but in the end aren't we all something small that needs someone to take care of us? God made each of us different and similar. It's not that hard to see that with other animals too. He made us and He takes care of us. He gives many species' mothers the instinct to protect their babies. It's hard not to believe in His power and love when you see a baby of any species. Especially when it's a kitten, in my case.

Today I am content to sit by Lil-Bit, as she approaches the year old mark, and marvel at our Lord's power and love. Good night my sweet kitten. I'll see you in the morning.

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  1. You are an astute young lady. You are also my kitten. Sometimes when you let your hair out of that ponytail, you are fluffy.

    This should go somewhere profound, but I like fluffy. :)

    Much love.