Saturday, July 16, 2011

50 Uses For a Brick

This started as something to keep me occupied in my free time. If someone hurts themselves or others using these uses, it's their fault and I'm not to blame. Just want to make that perfectly clear. Also, please remember to cite if you uses these.

Obvious Uses

A bookend

A paperweight

A doorstop

Something to hold things down outside

A blunt weapon

Building material


Hide and Seek: The seeker has a bag of bricks, which makes them slower and easier to run away from. However, when the seeker sees someone that is not on base, not already out, and playing the game, the seeker throws a brick at the player. If the player is hit with a brick, the player is out. Last one standing and not the seeker wins.

Jacks: This is a two player game. Player One throws the brick at Player Two and picks up as many pebbles as possible before hearing the brick make contact. Remember to take turns.

Stack the Brick: Build a tower with bricks. See how high you can make it before it falls on your head.

Brick the Bucket: Throw bricks at a bucket until it has been properly demolished.


Pet brick: You don't have to feed, clean up after, or groom this lovely pet.

Painting canvas: Paint the brick. Six different surfaces included.

A tool for fixing computers

A tool for creative writing prompts: Not that I have ever heard of a teacher asking for 50 uses for a brick. (hehe)

False cell phone: Paint on a few buttons on and attach an antenna of some sort.

Soap: Scrub hard enough and all the dirt will come off.

A projectile: Just find or build a catapult.

Instant messaging: Write your message on the brick and throw it through the recipient's window.

Tool for making paint: Gather plants, berries, and/or bugs and mash them with a brick. Different combinations will make different colors. Poison Ivy makes a beautiful green.

A stage: ... for bugs.

A taser: Carry this around in your purse and hit creepers with it.

Wind gauge: Place a brick outside in view of a window. If the brick doesn't move it wont kill you to go outside. If the brick flies away, then it probably will.

Small child entertainment system: Seat a small child before a brick and tell said child to scream when it grows legs and walks away.

False chocolate: Cover the brick in mud, let it dry, put it in tin foil, and give it to your younger sibling. For almonds, peanuts, etc. add rocks.

A plate: Okay, a smallish plate, but it's still a plate.

Musical instrument: Different kinds and sizes of glass make different sounds when you smash them with a brick.

Art: Put a brick on the bookshelf, mantelpiece, or some other place where people will notice it. Say it is art and no one will argue.

A therapist: Dress up, draw on, and paint the brick until it looks trustworthy. Tell it all your deepest sorrows.

A dentist: Why pay a bill to get rid of that sore tooth?

The ideal boss: Mr. Brick never yells at, docks the pay of, or fires his employees.

A form of currency: Why not?

Shoes: Attach straps and you have sandals or flip-flops (one size only).

Reusable spider killer: Just remember to wash afterwards.

Remote control: Point a brick at someone and tell them to do as you say. Chances are, they will.

Anti medication: Powder the brick and ingest in order to be sick. Enough brick powder may kill you, but not if you put it into the tomato soup you gave your noisy neighbor.

A writer's block breaker: Hit anything hard enough with a brick and it will break.

The perfect gift: Who doesn't want a brick?

A coaster: Larger than a normal coaster, but does that really matter?

A doodily-whooper: Whatever a doodily-whooper is, I am sure a brick can be applied to it.

Instrument of persuasion: If you hold a brick menacingly enough anyone can be persuaded to agree with you.

Student discipline: This needs no explanation.

A weight: Sometimes you just need something that weighs the same as a brick.

A candle: Attach a sting on one end to a brick and light the other end on fire. Keep away from flammable objects.

Emergency brake: When a small(ish) person comes careening towards you on a bicycle (this is clearly an emergency situation),throw a brick at the child. It will stop advancing. Remember to leave swiftly, before a worried/enraged mother arrives on the scene.

A friend: You won't fight with it and it will never betray you or think you're stupid.

False book: Disguise a brick to look like a book and give it to a friend. Watch them try to open it.

Warmer: Heat the brick and hold it in your frozen fingers or rest your icy toes on it.

Cooling device: Put a brick in the freezer for a long period of time then apply to something that needs to be cooled. Example: a sick child's forehead.

A nightlight: Coat the brick in glow-in-the-dark paint and leave it in the light for several hours. Once it is dark where you would like to place it you can put it there and enjoy it's light.

Growth stunter: Attach a brick to the head of someone you don't want to grow. If they continue to grow add more bricks.

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