Sunday, July 17, 2011

Child Discipline, part 1

My sister and I would fight a lot when we were little, just like all the siblings of the world. My mother was a smart woman and would separate us if the situation was dire enough. One time, before I shared a room with my sister, she sent us to our rooms for an hour. My sister and I had been given walkie talkies a while before. Which means a few days or months, because I can't exactly remember.

My sister and I spoke softly to each other. Her room was upstairs and mine was right next to my mother's desk,which is where she pretty much lived. We didn't fight and were very kind to each other. My mother went to each of us and told us that the time was up and we could leave our rooms. Whichever one of us was notified first told the other before Mom had traversed the stairs.

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