Saturday, July 16, 2011

Killing the Darkness

I wrote this last summer and why I did not blog it is beyond me. Nevertheless, here it is.

Watching for meteors, I saw the Milkyway for the first time since I moved last summer. A light smudge against the dark. Stars I hadn't seen for a year danced, and I was happy.Then I saw one: a meteor. Its shape somewhat resembled a bird with a ribbon trailing behind. It was brighter than my stars, but lasted only for a few seconds before vanishing. I was afraid to step out into the grass to see if I could spot more. We have snakes. The stars sparkled and I left the porch. The view was not very different and I saw no more meteors. I went back to the porch and laid down to stare upward.I found comfort in the stars I had lost so long ago. They reminded me that I am ever so small. Calm followed and I let my thoughts roam. I had missed the comfort in the dark. People aren't afraid of the dark, but what is in the dark. Stars kill that fear. They give us sight where we see not. Another meteor zipped by grabbing my attention. My eyes searched for more, but only found an airplane that from below looked remarkably like a flying Christmas tree. That night I only saw three meteors, but was satisfied having seen the stars again. Knowing I'm not a big thing makes me feel so much less stressed than normal. I was glad to see my old friends that kill the fears in the dark. That kill the fears. That kill the darkness.

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