Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gurgle's Justice

Once there was an alien. It lived under a bridge. It had been content to play Tetris, but one day a meteor landed on top of his bridge crushing it. Thankfully the alien had been paying his electricity bill and had not died. Gurgle, the alien, was not happy to come home to a ruined bridge. Aiming for vengeance he struck out to find the beings that had sent the meteor into his peaceful home.

He rode in planes, sailed in boats, and tunneled through the ground until he reached the home of Burgundy the fish. Burgundy told him that Jiggle the beetle had gained mysterious powers over the cosmos. Thus Gurgle traveled until he reached the log, beneath which Jiggle lived. He then left, went to his spaceship, latched onto the moon with his gravity beam and dropped it on Juggle's house. Justice now served, Gurgle rented and new bridge to live under, but before he could unlock the door he fell asleep. It had been a long day/night.

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