Saturday, July 16, 2011

Andrew the Armadillo

Once, in a little wood, lived a little gray armadillo. His name was Andrew, and all day long he would dig around looking for food. One day Andrew was continuing his search by the lily pond. Now Andrew knew never to go on The Big Black River, because his uncle Ferdinand had died there, but it was so cold that Andrew would do anything to warm up. He had heard that The Big Black River was always warm, so despite almost certain death he headed out. Andrew skirted the pond, crossed the field, and at last reached The Big Black river, where he sat down right in the middle
Suddenly a big shiny beast came roaring towards him! Andrew was so surprised he jumped straight into the air. Andrew landed just in time to run away, and from that day on he never went to The Big Black River no matter how cold it was.

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